My name is James Gregory. I am a graduate of Simpson University (BA Bible & Theology, 2006) and Fuller Theological Seminary (MA Theology, 2008), and I was a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, but due to financial limitations, I have let said membership lapse. At Simpson, I concentrated on the New Testament. At Fuller, I focused on biblical studies. During my Greek studies at Simpson, I translated several portions of the New Testament, such as, but not limited to, 1 John, Philippians, 2 Peter, Jude, and James. Now, among other things, I am studying Ephesians, and I am currently focusing on the marital instructions found in the Ephesian household code. I have an additional blog, http://iakobou.wordpress.com, where I blog about other interests, biblical or otherwise.


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  1. I am sorry. I remembered our conversion in class that you were not going to the ceremony. You are not a liar. Just kidding. :p However, your thesis on Ephesians was based on a false premise.

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